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The online ‘Drama Progression Framework’, designed by The Drama Box, provides step by step guides to allow practical games, exercises and techniques to be explored in order to develop skills and knowledge in drama for pupils and staff. Using the Curriculum for Excellence the Expressive Arts E&O’s and benchmarks have been broken down into Early, First and Second level with each having suitable accompanying content to be followed which shows clear progression of skills and knowledge. The skills for each level have been identified and the progression framework ensures that each individual skill is developed throughout the stage but also continues across each level.

Practical classroom ideas to encourage interdisciplinary learning as well as supportive resources will be continuously added and updated. The framework is accessible through an online subscription service which gives users a membership profile to view all of the content, download notes and guides, view step by step demonstration videos of exercises in action and track the progress of pupils.

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CLPL/CPD Sessions take place at a time and place to suit your school and staff. The sessions provide an opportunity for participants to develop skillsknowledge, and confidence in using drama as a learning tool and staff can discuss how to embed drama within the curriculum and help raise attainment by supporting literacy, health & wellbeing and Developing the Young Workforce.

The sessions are active and can be up to 2 hours in length allowing staff to participate and explore the pupils experience. Practical games, drama techniques and exercises are broken down and explained to provide a guide for practitioners as well as advice and support in achieving a nurturing, creative and pupil-led approach to drama. Feedback is gathered from staff and this can be formatted and used to measure impact if the school have requested this.

Staff are also provided with some helpful guides and resources in order to support their learning journey after our visit. Our aim is to encourage staff to create a sustainable drama environment in order for young people across Scotland to benefit from the participation in expressive arts.

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Pupil workshops can take place in schools in order to engage pupils and to allow staff to see a good model of drama practice. Our workshops can be booked as 1 full day working with up to 5 classes or one of our practitioners can visit your school for 4-8 weeks or longer, shaping the workshops into a project where feedback can be gathered from pupils and staff to measure impact. It is all down to your school and your individual needs. Ideally our sessions would take place in a large open space, but our team will discuss the logistics and timetabling directly with your school. The sessions vary in length depending on the class taking part and the focus of the workshops can be altered to link to a particular curriculum area, or to suit the needs of your pupils.


These sessions focus on linking skills of reading, writing, talking and presenting with drama, using games and exercises to engage pupils and provide opportunities for continued learning back in the classroom. (Supporting worksheets can be provided for a literacy focused project)


These sessions focus on developing soft and desirable skills making links with employment. A range of practical activities and exercises are used to develop creativity, team work, problem solving and confidence whilst bringing the pupils attention to where these skills could be used within the working world.


These sessions provide an opportunity for pupils to grow in confidence, self-esteem and resilience. We believe that by providing an opportunity for pupils to take part in drama and have an opportunity to express themselves in a creative way these areas are developed and pupils benefit from the process.


These sessions focus on experiencing all aspects of drama from characterisation to improvisation. These sessions build a foundation for pupils to gain a better understanding of drama techniques and expressive arts as a whole. Pupils can benefit from building this knowledge as it allows them to feel more comfortable and equipped for performing and presenting.

At The Drama Box, we are always up for a challenge, so if there is something you have in mind that you feel needs a drama injection, we would love to hear from you to discuss your ideas further! Some of the previous projects that we have collaboratively created with schools have included initial pupil sessions to explore drama skills with added sessions to devise and create material for a performance led by the pupils. The Drama Box team can deliver projects where pupils gain experience and skills within expressive arts before the elements of performing arts are introduced.

Our aim when creating a bespoke project is to inspire staff to use more drama across the curriculum and demonstrate ways in which the pupils ideas can be used to build something together.

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Staff Drama Champion Training is a programme which runs on 3 occasions throughout the academic year. Staff can sign up to be the ‘go to teacher’ for all things drama related in their school and can attend the full day sessions, joining other Drama Champions from schools across Scotland. The full day sessions are designed around what staff need and want.

The Drama Box team reach out to current Drama Champions to organise an engaging, informative and useful day of training for all attendees. With the aim to champion more drama across education, through a nurturing, creative and pupil-led approach, ‘Staff Drama Champion Training’ provides an opportunity for participants to develop skills and knowledge in using drama as a learning tool, and the chance to explore how to embed drama within the curriculum; raising attainment by supporting literacy, health & well being and Developing the Young Workforce.

Participants are provided with additional resources throughout the academic year including an online discussion platform, online resources and handouts. Our aim is to encourage staff to create a sustainable drama environment for young people across Scotland.

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The Drama Box: Teachers’ Online Course provides a platform for staff to gain confidence, knowledge and new ideas in delivering drama. The online platform is broken down into chapters which provide a step by step guide for each individual drama game, exercise and technique featured in the course.

Each chapter provides demonstration videos showing the exercises in action with pupils, class management tips, downloadable notes which can be printed and links to cross curricular activities. Staff can access a free trial of the online course to try out the platform for themselves before purchasing. Simply head over to our ‘Online Learning Area’ for more details.

The Teachers’ Online Course is designed to be delivered within Scottish Primary Schools (based on CfE), and gives advice on how to adapt the content for early, first and second levels. This information provided can easily be adapted to be used in any learning environment by anyone wishing to boost their confidence and knowledge in delivering drama!

The Drama Box encourage users of the course to take a non prescriptive approach and would encourage flexibility in the approach and delivery of the content. The course can be completed at an individual’s discretion. The online platform tracks a user’s progress throughout the course which allows an individual to work at their own pace and pick up where they left off at any time.


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